Automatic Weighing Packaging Line


UUPAC Pet Food Weighing and Packaging System

December 13 , 2022

Case:Supporting Platform + Vacuum Feeding Machine + Material Conveying Pipe +4 Head Linear Weigher + Storage Hopper + Bowl-Type Elevator+Packaging Machine + Finished Product Conveyor + Horizontal Finishing Conveyor + CW300 Check Weigher +Metal Detector

This automatic weighing and packaging system of pet food is designed for the integration of multiple equipment systems, which can realize the mixing of ten different feeds according to different proportions of formula and packaging according to different quantitative values, which can meet the quantitative feeding of pets of all ages in the market.

Multiple varieties, small batch has become normal market demand, traditional factories have been unable to meet. UUPAC intelligent can realize industry 4.0 intelligent packaging automatically, intelligently and efficiently.

automatic weighing and packaging system

Customers place orders through the mobile app → disassemble and arrange production in the control system → execute production in the factory line. Professional solution from order to delivery progress tracking. Customers can easily control the whole process of order (production) (and product data) without frequent worry about delivery time.

01 →According to the formula can choose 10 independent automatic feeding weighing system.

02 →Two independent bag-making systems can be selected according to the bag type, including real-time printing of product information.

03 →Self-adjusting weight inspection system according to product weight.

04 →Metal detection and elimination system.

05 →After receiving the order, the system automatically arranges the order production, real-time monitoring in the LAN, digital production and digital management, to make all production steps clear and smart.

The equipment is tailored for the weighing and packaging of pet food, and can be proportioned according to the nutritional needs of pets and automatically produce. It has a very humanized design, saving labor costs and improving production efficiency.


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