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  • Holiday Notice on 2024 Labor Day
    Holiday Notice on 2024 Labor Day
    April 30, 2024

    Holiday Notice on 2024 Labor Day   It is kindly informed that our company is scheduled for the Labor Day, and the holidays are from 1st to 3rd May,2024. We will be back to work on 4rd May, 2024. Please prearrange your requests in advance to help us provide the best service possible. If you have any emergencies during the holidays,please feel free to call +86 1756007719 or email to At the beginning of the year 2024, we would like to express our best wishes and gratitude for your great support in the past year. With Best Regards, Anhui UUPAC Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

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  • UUPAC Attend 110th Food and Drinks Fair In Chengdu
    UUPAC Attend 110th Food and Drinks Fair In Chengdu
    March 26, 2024

    On March 20, 2024, UUPAC participated in the 110th Food & Drink Fair held at Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is understood that the exhibition space of this exhibition has reached 325,000 square meters, and the scale of the exhibition is the largest in history. This China Food and Drinks Fair has a total of 11 exhibition areas and 14 special areas. There will be more than 6,600 exhibitors with more than 300,000 exhibits from 45 countries and regions, and more than 400,000 professional visitors will visit the exhibition. At the exhibition site, UUPAC demonstrated 14 head weighing and packaging machine and semi-automatic mesh bag weighing and packaging system. The integrated weighing and packaging machine has high precision and a wide weighing range, with a single weighing speed of up to 120 packages per minute. It integrates weighing and packaging functions to achieve automated production and reduce manual intervention. The semi-automatic mesh bag weighing and packaging system has the advantage of flexible operation. It can be manually adjusted and intervened as needed to adapt to the packaging requirements of different fruits, vegetables and solid products. These two systems attracted many interested customers to enter the exhibition hall and discuss cooperation opportunities with sales representatives. Through in-depth exchanges with visitors, the on-site sales team not only understood market needs but also provided more intelligent weighing and packaging solutions to help food production companies create new productivity.

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  • Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
    Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
    February 02, 2024

    Dear Partners,Please be informed that our company will be closed from 3rd to 18th, February, 2024 for Chinese New Year holiday. Normal business will resume on 19th, February. Any orders placed during the holidays will be produced by 19th, February. To avoid any unwanted delay, please place your order in advance, and the shipping cut-off date is 1st, February, 2024. We're sorry for any inconvenience occurred, please do drop us an email at or call us at +8617756007719 if you have urgent matters. We would like to express our heartiest thanks for your great support and cooperation in the past year.Wishing you a prosperous year in 2024!

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  • UUPAC Attend Agroprodmash Exhibition in Russia
    UUPAC Attend Agroprodmash Exhibition in Russia
    November 18, 2023

      Agroprodmash is a famous and influential food processing machinery exhibition in Eastern Europe and Russia. Just after the holiday, the foreign trade team of UUPAC went to Russia without stopping to study and visit customers. Arriving in Moscow, the cold weather could not stop our enthusiasm to meet with customers. At the exhibition, we saw a familiar figure - the combination scale of UUPAC, standing in the exhibition, showing the technology and quality of UUPAC to the world. At the same time, our foreign trade team went to the customer's booth for an in-depth discussion, sharing each other's experience and insights, and providing a deeper understanding of the cooperation between the two parties. Apart from the exhibition, we also made a special trip to the customer's factory to conduct professional training for the workshop staff, passing on our rich technology and experience, and promoting a deep and meaningful cultural exchange. During this exhibition, we are not only visitors, but also scholars. We carefully visited the domestic and foreign intelligent weighing packaging equipment and related products, which is not only a learning, but also an opportunity to understand the future of the industry. We draw on the advanced concepts of outstanding enterprises in the industry, and deeply understand the market demand and product trends. Every visit and study is a new revelation, and it is a different harvest for our company and team. These experiences will provide more innovative capabilities and development directions for the future product research and development of UUPAC Intelligent.

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  • UUPAC Appearance 2023 World Manufacturing Convention
    UUPAC Appearance 2023 World Manufacturing Convention
    October 13, 2023

    From September 20 to 24, 2023, the 6th World Manufacturing Congress was held in Hefei, Anhui Province as scheduled, UUPAC focuses on providing intelligent weighing and packaging solutions, so that the intelligent manufacturing technology is highly integrated with the manufacturing industry, was invited to participate in the current World Manufacturing Congress, and brought the "Intelligent Weighing and Packaging System for Prepared Vegetables" and "Intelligent Weighing and Packaging Robot", two kinds of advanced intelligent weighing equipment.   The professional team of UUPAC introduced and demonstrated the performance and advantages of the on-site exhibition machine in detail for the visiting visitors and customers. At the same time, we showed our latest solutions for the industries of prepared vegetables, fruits, vegetables and food in the form of video playback. The technological innovation level of UUPAC's products and the professional service of the team won the high recognition and praise of the on-site observers.

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  •  「 UUPAC x Lay's 」Potato Chips Weighing & Packaging System
    「 UUPAC x Lay's 」Potato Chips Weighing & Packaging System
    August 24, 2023

    「 UUPAC x Lay's 」Potato Chips Weighing & Packaging System  UUPAC has created a customized potato chip weighing and packaging system for Lay's, the world's leading potato chip brand. This system will enable Lay's productivity to be more efficient, precise and faster. Lay's is a brand of potato chips owned and operated by PepsiCo, an American food and beverage company. Lay's chips are known for their diverse flavors and crunchy textures, including plain, salt, tomato, yogurt and onion.  # Weighing and Packaging Systems for Potato Chips - Solutions # # Weighing and Packaging System for Potato Chips-Functional Features # Superior Accuracy Equipped with advanced load cells and precise algorithms, UUPAC intelligent potato chip weighing and packaging system ensures the exact weight of each potato chip bag and avoids overfilling or underfilling. Each chip will perfectly demonstrate Ritz's ultimate pursuit of quality. Automation Efficiency The system employs intelligent automatic packaging functions to fill chips into bags quickly and without error, without human intervention. The production line will run efficiently, significantly reducing labor costs and increasing productivity and capacity. Flexible adaptation UUPAC potato chip weighing and packaging system has flexible adjustment ability to adapt to different packaging specifications and product needs. Whether in small bags or large packages, our systems meet Lay's diverse market needs The potato chip weighing and packaging system is also equipped with a hopper cleaning wall designed to ensure hygienic, accurate weighing results, increase equipment life and maintain product quality standards. This helps to protect the health and safety of consumers and improves the performance and reliability of the combination scales. Hopper Cleaning Wall     Potato chip weighing and packaging systems are also equipped with a hopper cleaning wall, designed to ensure hygienic, accurate weighing results, increase equipment life and maintain product quality standards. This helps to protect the health and safety of the consumer and improves the performance and reliability of the combination scales. Hygiene and Safety Multihead hopper walls can accumulate dirt, residue and bacteria. Regular cleaning eliminates these contaminants and ensures that the hopper is sanitized to prevent cross-contamination and food safety issues. Accurate Weighing Dirt and residue on the hopper walls can affect the accuracy of the scale. By cleaning the hopper walls, these interfering factors can be eliminated, ensuring the accuracy of the combination scales for precise weighing results. Increased Service Life Regular cleaning of the hopper walls will extend the service life of the combination scale. Accumulation of dirt and residue may cause damage to the equipment, leading to malfunction or damage. Cleaning keeps equipment in good condition and reduces the need for repairs and replacements. Maintaining Quality Standards...

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  • 2023 Shanghai PROPAK is coming, Welcome to our UUPAC Booth 51E80
    2023 Shanghai PROPAK is coming, Welcome to our UUPAC Booth 51E80
    June 13, 2023

    Exhibition time June 19-21, 2023 Booth Location Shanghai - National Convention and Exhibition Center UUPAC Intelligent Booth 51E80   Preview of UUPAC Intelligent Exhibition Machine The exhibited machines include high-speed weighing and packaging integrated machine, automatic mesh bag packaging machine, CW 300  cmbo metal detector and check weigher, six-level carousel sorting machine, and six-row check and reckoning machine. High-speed weighing and packaging machine High-speed weighing and packaging machine is suitable for automatic weighing and packaging of granular, short strip, lump, spherical and powder materials. Automatic Mesh Bag Packaging Machine Automatic mesh bag packaging machine is suitable for fruits and vegetables that do not need sealed packaging, such as potatoes, onions, citrus and small hardware accessories. CW 300 Combo Metal Detector and Checkweigher CW300 Combo Metal Detector and Checkweigher is widely used in that many industries of electronics, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, health products, daily chemical, light industry, agricultural and sideline products. Such as food industry seasoning, pastry, ham, instant noodles, frozen food, food additives, pigments, modifiers, preservatives, etc. Six-Level Carousel Sorting Machine Six-level carousel sorting machine is suitable for frozen products (chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken pieces), seafood (sea cucumber, abalone, small fish, shrimp), Chinese herbs, fruits, etc. (1-6 levels of weight sorting regardless of shape and material). Six Rows Checkweighing Machine Six columns checkweighing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, health care products and other industries, such as granule punch, instant coffee, etc.

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  • UUPAC 2023 Labor Day Holiday Notice
    UUPAC 2023 Labor Day Holiday Notice
    April 28, 2023

    UUPAC May 1 Labor Day Holiday Notice Dear partners, Our company will close for Labor Day Holiday from 29th, April to 1th, May 2023. If you have any urgent issues during the holidays, please feel free to contact me at +8617756007719. Thanks for your kind understanding. Wishing you good luck and prosperity in holiday. Happy Labor Day!

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  • 14 Head Screw Weigher for Soft white sugar weighing
    14 Head Screw Weigher for Soft white sugar weighing
    February 06, 2023

    14 Head Screw Weigher——Soft white sugar weighing Soft white sugar is a common condiment. It is different from white granulated sugar, which is large in size and distinct in appearance. It is like snow, soft in texture, and less fluid than white granulated sugar.  Let's take a look at how this 14 head screw weigher of UUPAC weighs the soft white sugar material with poor fluidity~ The high speed 14 head weigher is suitable for quantitative weighing of viscous materials with irregular shapes and poor fluidity, such as soft white sugar, sour beans, raw meat, mustard, pickles, small fish, and shredded beets.   # Machine Parameters Max. Speed:60bag/min Min. Scale Interval :0.1g Single bucket weighing range:10~1000g Accuracy:x(0.5) The screw device can make the soft white sugar with poor fluidity achieve the purpose of uniform feeding with the rotation of the screw. The whole machine is made of stainless steel to meet the requirements of the food industry.   ▼Case video  

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  • UUPAC Automatic Pill Weighing Bottling System
    UUPAC Automatic Pill Weighing Bottling System
    January 05, 2023

    UUPAC Pill weighing bottling system Case:Elevator → Automatic bottle discharging machine → Supporting Platform → 20 Head Multihead Weigher → Disc Filling Machine → Automatic cover Machine→ Auto-Capping machine → Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine This system can be widely used in the counting, bottling and packaging process of solid preparations in the pharmaceutical industry, such as pills, tablets, soft and hard capsules and other single solids, as well as in the food and chemical industries.     Technical Parameters: Functional Performance 1. High speed, high precision: using high precision digital sensor, sampling speed is fast, high precision. 2. Various weighing modes: twenty head mode, double ten head mode, AB mixing mode, which can meet various needs of customers. 3. The latest optimized sampling algorithm improves the weighing accuracy. 4. Multiple hopper discharge, effectively solve the material blocking. 5. Intelligent fault detection reports errors and accurately locates and solves problems. 6. Weight, count double function combination, improve the counting accuracy.   Detailed System Videos

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  • UUPAC Pet Food Weighing and Packaging System
    UUPAC Pet Food Weighing and Packaging System
    December 05, 2022

    Case:Supporting Platform + Vacuum Feeding Machine + Material Conveying Pipe +4 Head Linear Weigher + Storage Hopper + Bowl-Type Elevator+Packaging Machine + Finished Product Conveyor + Horizontal Finishing Conveyor + CW300 Check Weigher +Metal Detector This automatic weighing and packaging system of pet food is designed for the integration of multiple equipment systems, which can realize the mixing of ten different feeds according to different proportions of formula and packaging according to different quantitative values, which can meet the quantitative feeding of pets of all ages in the market. Multiple varieties, small batch has become normal market demand, traditional factories have been unable to meet. UUPAC intelligent can realize industry 4.0 intelligent packaging automatically, intelligently and efficiently. Customers place orders through the mobile app → disassemble and arrange production in the control system → execute production in the factory line. Professional solution from order to delivery progress tracking. Customers can easily control the whole process of order (production) (and product data) without frequent worry about delivery time. 01 →According to the formula can choose 10 independent automatic feeding weighing system. 02 →Two independent bag-making systems can be selected according to the bag type, including real-time printing of product information. 03 →Self-adjusting weight inspection system according to product weight. 04 →Metal detection and elimination system. 05 →After receiving the order, the system automatically arranges the order production, real-time monitoring in the LAN, digital production and digital management, to make all production steps clear and smart. The equipment is tailored for the weighing and packaging of pet food, and can be proportioned according to the nutritional needs of pets and automatically produce. It has a very humanized design, saving labor costs and improving production efficiency.   System  Video

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  • Your Accurate and Satisfied Controller-14 Head 5.0L Weigher
    Your Accurate and Satisfied Controller-14 Head 5.0L Weigher
    October 20, 2022

    First, don't starve to lose weight in summer. We all know that weight loss is actually a process of mutual game between calorie intake and output. Fruit and vegetable salad is the best weight loss "nutritious meal".They can fill your stomach without gaining weight. But do you know how salad greens are harvested from the field to your hands by using mechanization in one go? Now, please follow me and find it out. Customers' requirements for packaging of fruits and vegetables are getting higher and higher. Their requirements are more inclined to multi-batch, small batch, short cycle, less contact, etc. Work efficiency and safety factor are highlighted. Major fresh fruit and vegetable manufacturers, retail supermarkets, and vegetable market distribution factories have made efforts to build their own fresh processing and distribution centers. Realizing Intelligent upgrade in product packaging, weighing and sorting. Fruits and vegetables are of different sizes, heavy and light in weight, and also contain water. In the process of weighing and packaging, how to achieve accurate measurement while ensuring food quality?    Functions and Features 1. Adopt high-precision digital sensor, fast sampling speed and high precision; 2. Can be reset manually or automatically and dynamic zero tracking; 3. The latest optimized sampling algorithm to improve weighing accuracy; 4. Multiple feeding hopper discharges can effectively solve blockage; 5. Intelligent fault detection and error reporting; Accurate positioning to solve problems; 6. The combination of weighing and counting functions to improve counting accuracy;   Mechanical properties 1. Standard universal parts design and strong interchangeability; 2. It is used for 5-liter volume hopper, suitable for weighing conventional large-weight materials and has a wide range of applications; 3. The upper feed hopper and lower discharge hopper are easy to disassemble for easy cleaning; 4. The chassis "return" type structure design; The whole machine structure is stable and the appearance is harmonious and beautiful; In addition to various intelligent weighing and packaging equipment, our company has more intelligent equipment in development and testing. It is also the unshirkable responsibility of UUPAC to continue to empower traditional agricultural automation and facilitate the rapid development of agriculture!

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