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Intelligent Weighing, Improve Efficiency - UUPAC Multihead Combination Weigher

Intelligent Weighing, Improve Efficiency - UUPAC Multihead Combination Weigher

September 19, 2022

UUPAC Intelligence - Small Lecture Hall of Multihead Weigher

For multihead combination weigher, you may still know very little. Multihead combination weigher is an intelligent quantitative weighing equipment that can be used with packaging machines, check weighers and other products. Multihead combination weigher are also called computer combination scales, multi-head scales, etc. They are simple to use and easy to operate. You don't know much about computer combination scales. Today, UUPAC will answer the following questions in response to this situation.

multihead weigher

Q:What is Multihead Weigher?

A:Multihead weigher is composed of multiple independent weighing units with feeding and discharging structure. The computer uses the principle of permutation and combination to automatically optimize the combination calculation of the load of the weighing units, and obtain the weight combination that is closest to the target weight value for packaging. Multihead weigher is placed on the working platform to weigh puffed food, snack food and various food particles. It is used together with vertical packaging machine, particle packaging machine, conveyor, pillow packaging machine and multifunctional packaging machine. It is one of the core equipment of automatic packaging system.


Q:What is composition of the multihead weigher?

A:It is generally composed of mechanical parts and electrical control systems.

Mechanical part: 1: Upper feeding hopper

                              2: Main vibrating machine + main vibrating plate

                              3:Line vibrating machine + line vibrating plate

                              4: Storage hopper

                              5: Weighing hopper


                              6: Middle seat

                              7: Collection trough

                              8: Lower discharge hopper

                              9: Chassis

                             10:Collection hopper (optional accessory)


Electronic Control: UUPAC Multihead weigher scales have two control systems, namely MCU control system and PLC control system. UUPAC's intelligent PLC control is the first development and application in China, and it is very mature.





Q: Why UUPAC’s Multihead Weigher can ensure long-term stable operation?

A: First, the workmanship of UUPAC products is very meticulous;

    Second, UUPAC is very strict in the selection of parts;

   The third is that UUPAC Ihas formulated a complete set of product testing and aging system and strictly implemented it; the most important thing is that UUPAC Multihead Weigher has vigorously improved and improved the original program, so that the overall performance, component quality, The quality of workmanship and other aspects have been improved, thus ensuring the long-term operation of the product to maintain good stability.


Q:What problems do hopper clamping generally cause? How to eliminate?

A:    1) Problems: Clamping will make the displayed weight and actual weight inaccurate;

       2) Solution: prolong the dwell time of each bucket motor or prolong the hopper delay time to ensure material discharge.


Q:What fault self-test functions does UUPAC Multihead Weigher have?

A: 1) Automatically display whether the weight is accurate or not;

2) Automatically check whether the module is normal or not;

3) When the material is lacking, the material shortage signal is output;

4) Automatically display the fault of a weighing bucket without affecting the work;

5) Automatically detect the amplitude and adjust the data automatically.


Boutique Sharing - Packaging System

    The single hopper of this system can weigh up to 1000g of material, the hopper capacity is 1.6L/2.5L optional, the weight of the whole machine is 340kg, and the 7 or 10-inch touch screen interface.

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