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Rotary D Bag Feeding Packaging Machine

High Quality Rotary Finished Bag Packing Machine

Rotary D Bag Feeding Packaging Machine

A rotary packing machine is very useful at this moment. the machine is termed as a heat sealer for the packaging. The machine is easy to operate. Prefabricated plastic bags are used for sealing.

Rotary packing machine replaces manual packaging, and realizes the packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium size enterprises

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UUPAC Rotary Vaccum Bag Packaging Machine

Hot selling vertical packing machine

|| Production Description

Rotary Vacuum Bag Packaging Machine The operators only need to put a bag one by one, and put hundreds of bags in the in the bag magazine of the device at one time. The equipment mechanical grasping will automatically take the bag, print the date, open the bag, measure the signal of the measuring device and fill, seal and output.



High quality rotary vaccum bag packaging machine


|| Features of UUPAC Machine

1. Replacing traditional manual packaging, the rotary bag packaging machine has achieved packaging automation, improved production efficiency and significantly reduced the product cost. The whole equipment is operated by one person only, greatly saving the labor cost.

2. Equipped with auto-monitoring device, the machine can check the air pressure, temperature controller breakdown, opening status of the pouches to determine if the machine is in normal condition. It can also control the code printer, filling and hot-sealing device to avoid wasting of bags and products.

3. Fully-automated rotary vacuum poucher is able to meet a variety of packaging needs and cab be used with other equipment.

4. Fully-automated rotary vacuum poucher consists of two separate rotary parts (filling system and vacuum system) with filling system in intermittent operation and vacuum system in continuous operation.

5. Quick change of the pouches. The width of the bagging can be adjusted automatically at one time.

6. The machine meets the hygienic standards of food processing machinery, with product contact parts in SSUS304 or other material to conform with food hygiene and safety.

7. Convenient for cleaning. The vacuum chamber can be cleaned.

8. With pre-fabricated pouches, packaging material waste is low. Patterns on pouches are complete and good-looking and sealing is of good quality, enhancing the product level. When there is no product filling, there is no sealing and the pouches can be re-used.

9. Utilizing advanced PLC and POD electrical control system, the machine is able to adjust the angle and time of the pneumatic parts and human-machine interface is friendly with easy operation.


|| Machine Details

Rotary finished bag packing machine


|| Detailed Data




Packaging Speed

30~50 bpm

50 bpm

Bag Size



Packaging Weight



Sealing Type

reticulate pattern sealing; double zipper sealing

reticulate pattern sealing; double zipper sealing

Powder Supply

3 phase 380V 50HZ,  3KW

3 phase 380V 50HZ,  5KW

Air Consumption

5-8kgf/cm²; 0.4m³/min


Bag Type

flat bag, stand-up bag, zipper bag

flat bag, stand-up bag, zipper bag, paper bag, etc.

Net Weight



Machine Dimension




|| Videos of UUPAC Machine

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