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High-Speed Intelligent Weighing and Packing Machine Dried Pepper

High-Speed Intelligent Weighing and Packing Machine Dried Pepper

March 21, 2023

High Speed Weighing and Packing Machine for Dried Pepper 


High Speed Weighing and Packing Machine

Maximum speed: 120 bags/min

Weighing range: 5~200g

Weighing accuracy: ±0.1g~±3g


Part.1  Application

High speed intelligent weighing and packing machine is suitable for automatic weighing and packing of granular, short strip, block, ball shape, powder and other materials.


Part.2 Functional characteristics

1、High speed, high precision: using high precision digital sensor, fast sampling speed, high precision;

2、The latest optimized sampling algorithm improves the weighing accuracy;

3、Good sealing, clear sealing;

4、Intelligent fault detection reporting, accurate positioning to solve problems;

5、The combination of weight and counting functions improves the accuracy of counting.


Part.3  Mechanical Characteristics

1、Compact structure and space saving.

2、Weighing part, packaging part and support can be split, easy to transport.

3、Servo system drive, efficient and smooth.


Part.4 Performance Characteristic

Through parameter setting, it can realize the feeding of the aggregate hopper at the same time as the weighing bucket, so that the aggregate hopper door can complete the feeding and closing before the arrival of the weighing hopper material, saving the waiting time required for the material falling.


Part.5 Case Video

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