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Multihead Weigher for Balloon Weighing

Multihead Weigher for Balloon Weighing

May 22, 2023

UUPAC Multihead Weigher for Balloon Weighing

Balloon weighing machine


Ballon Details and Client Requests

Small size balloons: 50

Target weight: 49.7g

Weighing accuracy: ±0.3g

Medium balloons: 15

Target weight: 40.5g

Weighing accuracy: ±0.5g

Large balloons: 5

Target weight: 52g

Weighing accuracy: ±0.5g


In the balloon packaging industry, the combination scale matching balloon packaging machine has an important role. This combination scale applied to balloon weighing can make the balloon orderly into the storage hopper, at the same time, the material separation efficiency is high, there will be no mutual mix-up, effectively solve the problem of hopper blockage.


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