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Pickles are sticky, and the auger combination scale has a coup for weighing and measuring

Pickles are sticky, and the auger combination scale has a coup for weighing and measuring

September 19, 2022


"Dream of Red Mansions" in the seventy-fifth chapter "Opening a Night Banquet with Sad Sounds to Appreciate the New Mid-Autumn Festival Pickles" wrote that on August 15th, each room had to pay extra tribute to Jia's mother and some food, but the food that came up Mother Jia didn't like it either, and thought it was an outdated rule to deliver food. But Mother Jia chose one of the most inconspicuous dishes - chili oil pickles.

Chili oil coriander is a side dish of chopped watermelon, marinated with minced ginger and minced garlic and chili oil, which is also a pickle.

Don't underestimate a dish of pickles. In today's rich material world, pickles have become a kind of culture and are popular all over the world! Korean kimchi, Japanese rice bran pickles, Russian pickles, American pickled olives, etc. are all pickles.

The high-speed auger combination scale developed by UUPAC Intelligent. It is suitable for quantitative weighing of viscous and sticky materials with poor fluidity, such as capers, raw meat, mustard, pickles, small fish, and shredded beets.



1. Adopt high-precision digital sensor, fast sampling speed and high precision;

2. Can be reset manually or automatically, as well as dynamic zero tracking;

3. The latest optimized sampling algorithm to improve weighing accuracy;

4. The collection hopper discharges material many times to effectively solve the blockage;

5. Intelligent fault detection and error reporting, accurate positioning to solve problems.


Mechanical properties

1. Using variable-pitch screw, the material layer control is more precise, which can correspond to different viscous materials;

2. The 2.55-degree feeding chute makes the material fall more smoothly;

3. Scraping and mesh hoppers can be selected to adapt to materials in different states;

4. Double-point material detection function, accurate control of feeding time and material thickness, more accurate weighing.


Warm Tips

Eating pickles can regulate appetite, enhance appetite, and supplement dietary fiber, but there is a lot of salt in the pickling process. The resulting health risks should also be taken into account. So, pickles are refreshing, but don't be greedy. Get more multihead combination scale from

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