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Innovation Beyond Imagination I Multihead Combination Weigher Special Edition

Innovation Beyond Imagination I Multihead Combination Weigher Special Edition

September 19, 2022

Hello friends, glad to see you again today.

Today we will continue the UUPAC Knowledge Lecture Hall

Introduction of 10/14 head combination weigher

There are various models of multi-head combination weighers. Different models of weighing buckets have different numbers of heads and different applicable products. According to different customer needs and product needs, it can meet the quantitative weighing of various materials. With its strong technical force and industry experience, UUPAC customizes the intelligent weighing and packaging system for partners.

Next, we will introduce UUPAC 10/14 Head Combination Weighers.

14 Head Combination Weighers

1. Scope of application

It is widely used in the weighing of granular, block and sheet materials such as food, medicine, hardware, chemical industry, plastic and so on.


2. How to choose the right model?

1) Priority according to speed

For example, to weigh 100g of candy, there are 1023 combinations of 10, 15400 combinations of 12 head, 16383 combinations of 14 head, 65535 combinations of 16 head, 1048575 combinations of 20 head...

The number of buckets increases, the probability of random combinations increases, the efficiency increases, and the speed is faster.

2) Select according to material volume

The volume of the hopper of the combination weigher varies from 0.5-7.5L, mainly according to the volume of the material to be packaged.

Parameter TY-1A-M10 TY-1A-M14
Single weighing range

10-1500 grams

(according to material, density, etc.)

10-2000 grams

(according to material, density, etc.)


●Functional features:

1. Adopt high-precision digital sensor, fast sampling speed and high precision;

2. It can be reset manually or automatically, as well as dynamic zero tracking;

3. The latest optimized sampling algorithm to improve weighing accuracy;

4. Multiple feeding hopper discharges can effectively solve the blockage;

5. Intelligent fault detection and error reporting, accurate positioning to solve problems;

6. The double function of weighing and counting is combined to improve the counting accuracy.


●Mechanical characteristics:

1. Standard universal parts design, strong interchangeability;

2. Universal 1.6/2.5 liter volume hopper, suitable for weighing conventional materials, with a wide range of applications;

3. The upper feeding hopper and lower discharging hopper are easy to disassemble and clean;

4. C-shaped structure design of the chassis, stable structure of the whole machine, harmonious and beautiful appearance.

High speed and high precision are the core indicators of quantitative weighing performance. UUPAC does not forget its original intention, pursues excellence, and keeps improving. We are continually working on it!


Boutique sharing-14 small carrots weigher

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