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High-speed intelligent packaging machine The "birth" of a bag of melon seeds

High-speed intelligent packaging machine The "birth" of a bag of melon seeds

October 20, 2022

If you want to ask what kind of food is particularly magical, it is easy for people to stop eating once they eat, then "Guazi" will definitely be on the list. We Chinese are especially keen on eating melon seeds. Some netizens once said that if a foreigner wants to impersonate a Chinese, just give him a handful of melon seeds and see how skilled he is at eating melon seeds, and he can tell the truth from the fake.

But as to how the melon seeds are made, what many people value must be the picture of artificial frying in a cauldron on the street.This kind of traditional melon seed production is mostly artificially fried after simple manual screening, which is not only inefficient, but also has loopholes in quality and safety.

Therefore, in order to meet the market demand and improve the quality of melon seeds, more food companies have begun to carry out intelligent quantitative packaging production, which can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure food safety.


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Demystifying the Birth of a Pack of Melon Seeds


1. Health and Safety

To enter the workshop, in addition to fully armed, cleaning, disinfection and air shower are essential, only to ensure cleanliness can enter the workshop.


2. Temperature controlled frying

The production process of different melon seeds will vary according to the type or taste of melon seeds.


3. Packaging Handling

The last procedure in the production process of melon seeds is to pack the fried melon seeds.

The main processes are: cutting, weighing, packaging, testing and shipping.


High-speed intelligent packaging machine


latest company news about High-speed intelligent packaging machine  The


This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of granular, strip, flake, block, spherical, powder and other products.

Packing speed: 120 BMP

Weighing range: 3-50g

Packaging film width (mm): 100-320

Packaging film material: PP、CPP、PVC、PS、EVA、PET、PVDC/PVC、OPP/CPP , etc.


  • The whole machine adopts four-servo control system with high precision, high speed, high flexibility and stable operation.
  • The whole machine adopts four servo drives to pull the film and release the film to ensure the accurate pulling of the film and the beautiful effect of the packaging bag.
  • Human-machine interface intelligent control system, simple interface, convenient and fast parameter setting, intuitive display, including replacement product storage function.
  • The design of the whole machine complies with CMP standards and has passed CE certification.
  • The whole machine is easy to operate, easy to debug and easy to maintain.     
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