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Your Accurate and Satisfied Controller-14 Head 5.0L Weigher

Your Accurate and Satisfied Controller-14 Head 5.0L Weigher

October 20, 2022

First, don't starve to lose weight in summer. We all know that weight loss is actually a process of mutual game between calorie intake and output. Fruit and vegetable salad is the best weight loss "nutritious meal".They can fill your stomach without gaining weight. But do you know how salad greens are harvested from the field to your hands by using mechanization in one go? Now, please follow me and find it out.

Customers' requirements for packaging of fruits and vegetables are getting higher and higher. Their requirements are more inclined to multi-batch, small batch, short cycle, less contact, etc. Work efficiency and safety factor are highlighted. Major fresh fruit and vegetable manufacturers, retail supermarkets, and vegetable market distribution factories have made efforts to build their own fresh processing and distribution centers. Realizing Intelligent upgrade in product packaging, weighing and sorting.

Fruits and vegetables are of different sizes, heavy and light in weight, and also contain water. In the process of weighing and packaging, how to achieve accurate measurement while ensuring food quality? 


Functions and Features

1. Adopt high-precision digital sensor, fast sampling speed and high precision;

2. Can be reset manually or automatically and dynamic zero tracking;

3. The latest optimized sampling algorithm to improve weighing accuracy;

4. Multiple feeding hopper discharges can effectively solve blockage;

5. Intelligent fault detection and error reporting; Accurate positioning to solve problems;

6. The combination of weighing and counting functions to improve counting accuracy;


Mechanical properties

1. Standard universal parts design and strong interchangeability;

2. It is used for 5-liter volume hopper, suitable for weighing conventional large-weight materials and has a wide range of applications;

3. The upper feed hopper and lower discharge hopper are easy to disassemble for easy cleaning;

4. The chassis "return" type structure design; The whole machine structure is stable and the appearance is harmonious and beautiful;

In addition to various intelligent weighing and packaging equipment, our company has more intelligent equipment in development and testing.

It is also the unshirkable responsibility of UUPAC to continue to empower traditional agricultural automation and facilitate the rapid development of agriculture!

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