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4 Head 0.5L High Speed Linear Weigher

Hign speed linear weigher

4 Head 0.5L High Speed Linear Weigher

UUPAC linear weigher is applicable for weighing different kinds of granular, powdered products such as sugar, rice, chicken essence seasoning, seeds, salt, powdered milk / coffee / seasoning, etc.

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UUPAC 4 Head 0.5L High Speed Linear Weigher


 4 Head Linear Weigher


|| Production Description

UUPAC 4 head high speed linear weigher  is a favourite among many food processors for use as automatic and semi automatic applications. They offer reasonable speeds with good weight accuracy. The design is small and compact and can offer a cost effective solution when with  VFFS, Pouch Filler,  inline jar fillers and more. These weighers can achieve medium range speeds and the weights ranging from 3-300g based on the selected model. Also included is the product mix function that takes up to 4 different products with the same or different weights and discharges them into one bag or jar with the required combined weight. This required mix is set up in the recipe calculated with a single discharge request.


4 head high speed linear weigher


|| Features of UUPAC Linear Weigher

1. 10'' color touch screen with multi-language operating system. Software can be upgraded through USB.

2. Small volume hopper for higher precision and speed.

3. SUS 304 / 316 body structure for option. IP65 water-proof design.

4. Factory parameter setup recovery. 99 product parameters can be preset to meet different parameter program requirements.

5. Amplitude can be automatically adjusted for easy operation.

6. Each hopper can function as one head weigher.

7. Meet four kinds of blended product weighing and packaging.

8. Open-close mode of step motor drive to make the machine running faster and more stable.

9. Modular control system design for easy maintenance and low cost.


|| Machine Details

4 head linear weigher


|| Detailed Data



Max. Weighing (one hopper)



x (0.5)

Min. Scale Intervals


Max. Speed

85 WPM

Hopper Volume


Control System



7” color touch screen

Power Supply

AC220V ±10% 50HZ/60HZ, 0.8KW

Packing Dimension


Net Weight


Gross Weight



|| Videos of UUPAC Linear Weigher

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